Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Series 16:4 Maquette

Another 4-color sheet for Mats!? to suffer over. More line-drawing than "Stinckers Ballpark Snackbar All-Stars," but a lot of the same ideas with color and shape. Above is my working file for assembling the 4 plates. I almost always end up feeling more affection for underdrawings and assembly files like this than the final pieces they're created for, probably because I spend way too much time on them. I hope a lot of people like this sheet and buy them when they're finally printed, but for now here is this. Thanks!


Mats!? said...

Looks to me Like the Print nailed the colors!

Mats!? said...

Actually, since the blue became slightly darker, I had to back up on the red a bit...but it still looks FANTASTIC!

WEISSMAN said...