Tuesday, July 28, 2009


all of our new designs were a terrific success at STINCKER-CON INTL. 2009, but none more than Johnny Ryan's AWESOME HORROR STIN(C)KERS, which were all gone by Saturday. Above, please note this young lady's cool reaction to "From Beyond."

Then there was Mark Todd's "WICKET," from his amazing LAME ASSES. Wicket was the most sought after single Stincker in the machine, and many kind patrons pluncked quarter after quarter into our vendor only to be stung by "Mr. Belvedere" or "Gallagher." Not that there's anything wrong with those lame asses, but when you're dreaming of Ewoks... Well, "Blossom" can be a bitter pill to swallow.

Awesome Horror Stin(c)kers, Lame Asses, Unlovable and Stinckers Series 16:4 will be in Giant Robot stores soon. Buy them all!

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