Thursday, June 2, 2011

Science Sorcerers by Benjamin Marra

There's really not much we can tell you about Benjamin Marra that you don't already know or isn't drooling, hyperbolic cliché. HE'S GREAT! and When Ben fell down from the sky to lay his SCIENCE SORCERERS upon the Earth, etc., you get the idea..!

SO these Stinckers are tremendous, yes, and you should head over to MELTDOWN or GR2 and throw all your quarters into those machines as soon as possible. BUT HERE'S A SPECIAL OFFER! Now, when you purchase a SIGNED, UNCUT, PRODUCTION SHEET, you can even take your pick of color combinations. Orange, Red, Green, Blue, Purple, But hurry! Supplies, as always, are limited. (when you BUY NOW, please specify no.1 color choice) $20 + plus $5 shipping (International Buyers: please add an additional $5).

Of course, you should read ALL of Benjamin Marra's comics. 1st: check out
 THEN: Pray for a CELESTIAL WITCH cameo!!

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