Wednesday, December 21, 2011

in San Francisco TONIGHT

at the Mercury Cafe (201 Octavia St., San Francisco)TONIGHT! 6-9PM, admission free. Lafler always puts on an amazing show. Will Lloyd Dangle autograph your bottle of Airborne? Will Jeff Roysdon really show up??* Be sure to ask Mats!? about the fireworks and balloon festival and spend all your pocket money on these terrific cartoonists.

Bay Area cartoonists Lloyd Dangle, Mats!?, Jeff Roysdon and Steve Lafler join together to bring cartoon art gift items from graphic novels to ceramics to the Mercury Cafe in Hayes Valley on December 21 from 6-9 p.m.

Dangle is best known for his long running Troubletown strip, wherein he slings deftly aimed arrows at liars and thieves from across the political spectrum. Dangle offers an array ofTroubletown related books and merchandise, hilarious works featuring his signature brilliant illustrations.

Mats!?, the accomplished painter and screen printer with a crackling urban sensibility, is best know for his travelogue graphic novel Asiaddict on the Sparkplug imprint. Mats!? arrives packing an array of stunning screen printed stickers and original paintings as well.

Cartoonist, animator, and painter Jeff Roysdon offers unique ceramic pieces featuring his cuddly, heart felt-yet-acerbic visions and spectacular level of craft, along with original paintings.
Lafler, late of Oaxaca, Mexico, brings his band The Dick Nixon Experience into the Mercury, rounding out the evening's entertainment with some acoustic "Oaxacabilly" music. Lafler marks his return to the Bay Area with his graphic novels El Vocho40 Hour Man and Bughouse.

* don’t miss any opportunity to see his work

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