Wednesday, December 11, 2013


UPDATE: Foxing Bookplates and Tiny Joe + Junior Stinckers are now OUT OF PRINT

SEASON'S GREETINGS from STINCKERS! Here's a long overdue update about what we've been up to...
1. A TON of new 3-Packs just shipped out to Charlottesville's TELEGRAPH, Seattle's FANTAGRAPHICS and new vendor DESERT ISLAND in Brooklyn. MELTDOWN in Hollywood should be resupplied this week, too. At $3 a pack these are America's NO.1 STONCKING STUFFER!
2. at left please notice BOX BROWN'S PRO-WRESTLING ALL-STARS (laying next to recent favorites FOXING QUARTERLY STINCKERS). BOX is a fantastic cartoonist with a rapidly evolving style. Printed on our famous, high-quality vinyl in 4 pretty colors, including metallic purple! Signed, uncut sheets will be in our SHOP soon!
3. We're excited to be working with the always together MARK TODD again. His LAME ASSES is one of our all-time bestsellers! NOW Mark is back with BAD ASSES, featuring the 9 BADDEST BAD ASSES EVER. 3 colors, printed in San Francisco, autographed by Mr. Todd in Los Angeles and available in our SHOP NOW.
4. TINY JOE & JUNIOR, improved 2nd Edition, by Steven Weissman. In Tangerine or Lime, autographed sheets available NOW.
AND speaking of Tiny Joe & Junior, our friends at THE LAST CAT have pretty, NEW "Dress Rehearsal" Tee-Shirts in stock (red or black). Plenty of other cool designs, as well, including Future Stincker Matt Furie (more about him soon).


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